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Brooklyn NY Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center
Our Mission

The mission of our Brooklyn, NY nursing and rehabilitation center is to provide compassionate quality care that focuses on both the physical and emotional well-being of our residents. We seek to promote a close knit community where the dignity of each individual is respected, and to foster each individual resident's self-respect through our therapeutic interventions and caring staff.

Brooklyn NY Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center

We Provide
Skilled Nursing Care
  Physician Services
Rehabilitation, including short term rehabilitation
Tracheostomy Care
I.V. Therapy
Enteral Nutrition
Palliative, Comfort Care & Pain Management
Hospice Care & Dementia Care
Social Work Services
Therapeutic Recreation Services
Nutritional Therapy
Psychological Services
    We provide 24-hour skilled and sub-acute nursing care in Brooklyn, NY. Our nursing staff is available around the clock, under the direction of our Director and Assistant Director of Nursing, to manage the care of our residents with a wide gamut of chronic and acute medical conditions, as well as varying levels of dementia and other psychiatric and social disorders.

    Our Brooklyn rehabilitation center's creative and compassionate activities staff offer a variety of programs based on a resident's interests, needs, and abilities. Events take place on a daily basis inside the facility and on our newly constructed patio.
We also take full advantage of our location which is directly across the street from the lovely Cuyler-Gore Park. Individualized service in a resident's room will be provided if they are feeling ill or prefer to spend quiet time alone.